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“We find it necessary to participate in architecture competitions as they offer a chance to exercise and challenge our design capability within a limited time frame. They can also provide a diverse and interesting array of briefs that are not normally on offer to us professionally.” “Architecture competitions provide an experience outside your comfort zone, which makes you understand and improve your creative and technical ability to develop projects. In addition, it exercises creation processes and ways of communicating architecture that are beyond the professional law firm bookkeeping routine.” “We participate in architecture competitions as they provide a positive environment to further develop architectural research while stimulating creativity to produce experimental, yet adequate design solutions.” “What fascinates me about architecture competitions is the creative process. From the eager exploration of new cultures, sites and history to the absolute freedom to express oneself fully without constraints. Nonetheless, it’s a great exercise for me to build confidence, express my ideas and engage in dialog with other architects around the world.”

“We believe that competitions are a way to measure and create a dialogue with worldwide professionals. We believe that it is important to show our reflections on architecture, our way of approaching it, and the meaning it has for us.” “For us, this is an opportunity to challenge ourselves. It is a way to express some ideas you are insecure about; it is easier to let go and create without holding back. This is not always possible in your work or study projects.” “To strengthen teamwork between team members, increase exposure in this field, help develop strengths and talents. Topics of Architecture competitions held by Bee breeders involves a wide range of interesting architectural sectors, we strongly recommend every young architects should try to get involved.” “This was my first time I ever evolved into an international architectural competition. I was looking for something new after several years of working on multiple projects, sometimes at the same time.” “Competitions allow you to answer a pure architectural question gaining knowledge and insight into many international cultures and contexts. All while allowing one to express their response to the question through architectural design.” “We hope to utter our thoughts on the prospective developments of an architectural typology of office space in the post-pandemic era. Our proposal does not aim to give a decisive spatial solution but instead challenges the conventional office design and raises discussions toward the relationship between individual workplace and common space in the modern metropolis.”

If I choose to use architectural accounting software, does that mean that I don’t need to hire a professional CPA?

“This kind of competition is a good field for matching with other points of view. It can be fascinating to observe how a place can be conceived by other architects and designers. It gives you an opportunity to try different approaches and experiment which is definitely something you don’t see every day.” “I participate in this type of competition because the architectural program and the location is unique. The challenge to be met is even bigger when you know that there are many young talents who participate. Moreover, it goes about a competition that enjoys great international visibility. Beyond all this, the personal challenge is to excel while having fun.” “Social housing as a typology is a complex work of architecture intended to be inhabited by a diverse population. The answers given to this typology are unfortunately based on simplified assumptions, repeated standards and uninspired architecture. Our interest in this competition was to create a vision beyond today’s monotonous development, which this competition allowed for.” “Mainly to keep our creativity going and to challenge ourselves. It’s also a way to learn about and investigate different subjects. We view these competitions as a way to improve ourselves and to widen our knowledge. It is also a great experience to work in a team and add to everyone’s experience and background to the proposal.” “Architecture competitions give an opportunity to speculate on design and test the limits of what architecture can do for society. These competitions stress the importance of conceptual design and research that challenges the profession to create more dialogue.” “When we decided to join the SKYHIVE Skyscraper Challenge, our first participation in an architecture vision competition, we were fascinated by the idea to open our minds to a new design topic.”

  • My goals in life are I want to travel around the world, help people, and have a comfortable life where I can afford anything my family needs and wants.
  • “Participating in competitions helps us make these discoveries. We exchanged existing design principles during these processes, discovered new design methodologies, and disputed new techniques and materials. Regarding architecture as a living organism, and giving each part of the building a definition in biology is the new methodology we found, and is effective for connecting each part.”
  • “Architecture competitions have various themes and limited preferences. The design that I create through the storytelling and penetrating concepts awaken potential creativity. Projects that emerge through many concerns and discussions help the further growth of participants and demonstrate their potential for development.”
  • They can help you build and maintain a firm financial foundation, but they can also help you understand the numbers, allowing you to use this information to help your business grow.
  • “Our daily working environment requires us to provide very practical design solutions for clients. Architecture vision competitions give us the opportunity to think outside of the box and stimulate our creativity with diverse ideas and project locations that challenge our comfort zone.”

The added advantage is that reports can be created in real time, allowing instant monitoring of the state of play on any individual project, or the practice accounts as a whole. With QuickBooks and a variety of time-tracking and expense-tracking software programs, you can streamline your bookkeeping functions. Paired with a scalable, outsourced team of architecture accounting experts, your firm will be set up for regulatory compliance in addition to data-driven decision-making. Another aspect of bookkeeping and accounting that is essential for business leaders in architectural firms to understand is the very real and significant risk of internal fraud.

Accounting for Architectural Firms

Many would assume the major benefit to clean, accurate and current financial statements is relief while filing taxes and enduring audits. Now I could fill this post with other important aspects of bookkeeping, but for the sake of time (and sanity) I’ll leave this section with the point. And the Statement of Cash Flows gives you an autopsy of cash going in and out of your business, also for a specified period of time. The Income Statement displays your revenues, costs, expenses, and profit for a specific period of time. The Balance Sheet gives you a snapshot of what you own (assets), who you owe (liabilities) and what’s left over (equities) for a specific point in time.

accounting for architects